Delving into Living Educational Theory (LET) research: A conversation with Jack Whitehead

Sarimah Shaik-Abdullah (1), Mohd Syafiq Aiman Mat Noor (2), Jack Whitehead (3)
(1) School of Education, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kedah, Malaysia,
(2) School of Education, University of Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom,
(3) Institute of Education, University of Cumbria, Lancashire, United Kingdom


This article presents an overview of Living Educational Theory (LET) research and its potential to contribute to human flourishing. Through an exploration of key features and examples of this research approach, we demonstrate its unique contribution to the field of education. LET research places the individual at the centre of the research process, encouraging them to reflect on their own practices and develop ways to improve what they are doing in personally meaningful ways. This approach differs from conventional research methodologies that primarily focus on generating and analysing research data. In this article, we draw on insights from the work of Jack Whitehead, a leading LET researcher, to provide a comprehensive overview of the approach. Jack explores the concepts of valid explanation and video recording and their role in capturing and validating actions. Jack also discusses the relationship between LET and research theories and offers insights into how the research approach can contribute to human flourishing. Jack concludes with a discussion of the impact of published articles on others’ learning and how research impact can be evaluated. Overall, we provide an informative and valuable resource for researchers, educators, and practitioners seeking to understand and utilise LET research in their own context.

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Sarimah Shaik-Abdullah (Primary Contact)
Mohd Syafiq Aiman Mat Noor
Jack Whitehead
Shaik-Abdullah, S., Mat Noor, M. S. A., & Whitehead, J. (2023). Delving into Living Educational Theory (LET) research: A conversation with Jack Whitehead. Malaysian Journal of Action Research, 1(1), 11–22.

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